Friday, August 7, 2009

Anniversaries and weekends

Yesterday, we celebrated our 10th anniversary. To see some nice photos from 10 years ago, you can go HERE or HERE. Our anniversary was pretty low-key as far as anniversaries go. Jim had to work, although he came home early. I took Annie for a picnic at Houghton's Pond. She got in a few z's ...

Later, after Jim came home, we went out and visited with the neighbors. They took our annual anniversary photo for us:

(Annie slept through that too!) Each year, we make sure to take one photo of us together on our anniversary, which I put in a special album.

After that, we drove into Cambridge and tried out a new Indian restaurant, with Bengali-style food. It was quite different from our usual Indian restaurant (at the corner of our street), which serves Punjabi-style food. I still prefer the Punjab Cafe, but this place, called "Royal Bengali (India)" was still pretty good.

After that, we came home so Jim could see the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance." He has predicted for weeks who the winner would be, and he was right.

So it was a low-key anniversary, but still a good one.

Today Jim is working at home and I'm leaving in a little while to meet a friend for lunch in Downtown Crossing. The weather is beautiful today - in the low 70's and clear. We have a huge weekend ahead of us. Tonight, we're going to a house-warming party in Somerville for one of Jim's co-workers. Tomorrow morning we are going to a baptism in Marlboro for some good friends whose son is about 2.5 months older than Annie. Tomorrow evening is another house-warming party, this time for our good friends Nate and Jess, who recently purchased a house in Medford, right on the Somerville line. Also, our friends Dave and Sandra are coming in from Vermont for it, so we'll get to see them too. Sunday I think we're meeting up with Dave, Sandra, Nate and Jess again for brunch.

It'll be interested to see how Annie does with all the activities. Sometimes it's hard to juggle activities with her feeding schedule, so this will be a learning experience. I really like to be busy, so I'm looking forward to everything.

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A Fuss said...

Glad to hear you had a good anniversary -- sorry I couldn't talk longer last night, but I'll call again soon! Enjoy your busy weekend!