Monday, February 6, 2012

Our winter

Welcome to winter. Although it's been a mild winter, weather-wise, I'm so tired of winter and wish spring would come. So I'm going to rant.

  • House is completely torn up. We had to clear out the pantry and porch. Everything went into the living room and foyer. It is very cozy (read: cluttered) in our house. 
  • They might turn the water or electricity off any time. 
  • The city had to dig a four foot hole in our tree lawn today to try to get to the box to shut off the water so that our plumber can change a pipe, and, after showing up 90 minutes after they said they would, they couldn't get to the box. Then they took off without telling our plumber when exactly they were coming back. They claim that they're coming again tomorrow to "try again." Water will probably shut off just in time for me to make dinner and try to mix and warm up a bottle for Ian.
  • The kids have had various colds, congestion and coughs since the beginning of November.
  • Jim just got the mother of all colds.
  • The neighbor cat, Donovan, has claimed our front porch, which is now completely open, awaiting delivery of windows and door. So our cats, especially Zeus, have a fit every evening when he makes his appearance on our porch, sounding a little like a screaming baby.
  • The only time Jim can get an appointment with the building inspector for phase 2 of our home project is on a Thursday from 2-4. Because, apparently, people doing home projects can't have normal jobs to pay the bills; they have to spend all their time with the home inspector or waiting for Home Depot to make deliveries. Our door delivery from Home Depot arrived at 6:45 this morning, as I was chasing Annie around, trying to get her dressed. Really. Also, the city randomly sent us a letter today and said that we have to have our water meter changed, appointment required, our responsibility to contact them.
  • After all is said and done with this home project, there will still be 1000 things that need to be done to our house and I'm very tired.
  • Our car needs a muffler.
  • I need to find a matching hub cap for my car. It's bothering me because I think my car looks like junk. But I don't have time to go to a scrapyard to find one, and don't want to spend the $50 it would cost to get a new one from the dealership. It's the front passenger side wheel, and now that I look around, it appears that everyone is missing this particular hubcap. I don't exactly know why. 
  • I have to unload baby stuff and I'm sad about it. 
  • I wish I wasn't a pack rat. Jim wishes I wasn't a pack rat too.
  • Did I mention that our house is a cluttered mess?
  • I need a vacation that involves swimming outside.