Friday, April 26, 2013

Lucky Dragon

After a few weeks' hiatus, we continue with our Chinese restaurant journey. This time, we tried a place less than a mile from our house - Lucky Dragon, at 21 Scammell Street, just off of Hancock Street, in Quincy. This restaurant is in a small strip plaza with plenty of parking. We got take-out but there is also an eat-in area.

Jim gives it one thumb down. I tend to agree.

I ordered one of the combination dishes - "Tofu with Veggie Combo." It was supposed to come with either pork fried rice or plain rice, as well as an appetizer of my choice. I got the vegetarian spring roll.  Jim got Szechuan spicy pork, plus Peking Ravioli as a side dish. We ordered fried shumai for the kids. We had just gotten ice cream because Annie had to get three shots at the doctor's today and needed ice cream afterwards. So we knew they weren't going to eat very much.

First of all, my dish came with the pork fried rice mixed into the rest of the dish. In other words, they slipped me the meat!  A big minus.

Some white rice came on the side. (If you look above my meal, you'll see one of two Haitian mangoes that I bought at the market in Downtown Crossing yesterday! So yummy).

In addition to slipping me meat, the spring roll was just mixed in too. So, while it tasted pretty good, the shell was soggy because it had been sitting in the rice. Most restaurants package spring rolls in wax paper. Also, we had to cut it open to make sure that they didn't slip me some meat there too. But they didn't. It actually tasted pretty good, even though the texture was off.

And finally, my main dish was pretty bland. I put soy sauce on, as well as some of the sauce that came with the spring rolls, and that improved it.

The kids' shumai contained a paste on the inside, rather than just shrimp rolled in dough, like we've seen at many other places. They didn't eat any of it.

We gave Annie and Ian chopsticks and they were fascinated by those. But they didn't eat anything.

Jim was expecting a spicy dish, but it was bland, and also very salty. He's been thirsty all night since eating his dish. He didn't think his Peking Ravioli was so great either. My dish didn't have much taste either, although it wasn't particularly salty.  Also, we spent nearly $40 for this food, which is way too much for random Chinese takeout. If we're going to spend $40 for takeout, I'd rather go to our favorite Indian restaurant at the corner of our street, Punjab Cafe.

So I don't think we'll go back to this place, which is too bad, because it's really close to our house.