Sunday, August 30, 2009

Annie doesn't <3 Buffalo

Last Christmas, Jim's cousin Kate got us a really cute onesie that says "I <3 Buffalo." (I just learned recently that <3 is a snazzy way to write the heart symbol. Cool, eh?) Instead of the word Buffalo, it just shows a picture of a buffalo (the animal). Very cute. I think it was the first article of baby clothing I ever received. The clothing tag said that it fit kids 12-18 months, so I put it away in one of my "way too big for Annie" bags of clothes.

A few weeks ago, I was looking at Alex's photos of Maddie and saw that Maddie already fit into her Buffalo onesie. And since Maddie is smaller than Annie, I figured it was time to break out our onesie and see if it fitted. Low and behold, it did. Whoever typed up the clothes label that said it fit kids 12-18 months must have very tiny children. :) (Or they meant to write that it fits kids 12-18 pounds, which seems much more accurate).

I figured it would be cute for Annie to wear this onesie on our trip home to Buffalo last week. So I put it on her, and she looked really cute in it, and I got ready to go to my new moms' group meeting that I was attending before we got on the road. And since Annie was constipated, we gave her some prune juice that morning. Well, I didn't get out of the house before I had to change her into another outfit. She had spit up formula and prune juice all over the onesie, and since prune juice is brown, it really didn't look very nice. Oh well, I thought. We'll have better luck next time. I should mention that the next outfit I put Annie in that day also did not make it all the way to Buffalo, as Annie decided to let her full bladder go on the changing table at the Warner rest stop outside of Syracuse, right when Mommy was hunting for some A&D cream in the diaper bag. Ah, fun times.

We're now back in Boston, it's the weekend, and the Buffalo onesie was right on top of the stack of clean clothes. Time to put Annie in it again. I thought in the back of my mind that I should take a photo of Annie in it and send it to Kate, but the thought passed out of my mind as quickly as it entered.

Then Jim and Annie went grocery shopping while I stayed home and finished up my brief. Jim got back from shopping and put Annie down in the foyer, still in her car seat. Then he went to empty the car. As he left, I heard something that sounded like a loud squeaking sound, but I dismissed it, since the front door was open and there are lots of sounds that go on outside. I heard the sound again, and concluded that there must be someone walking around outside with really squeaky shoes. I helped Jim put away the groceries and went back to writing my brief.

Jim then took Annie out of the car seat and we realized that the sound I had heard before was the sound of Annie having a massive diaper blowout up the back of that Buffalo onesie. It was all over car seat and filled up the back of the onesie. It required a thorough bath. Jim removed the fabric part of the car seat and is washing it (we have no idea how to reassemble it into the car seat. I'm sure that will be hours of fun tonight).

So, given that Annie has only spent a total of about 2 hours in this onesie, I have to conclude that she just doesn't agree with the premise of it. :) She has barfed on it, she has pooped on it. She's probably thinking, "When will they get the message?" Who knows if she'll even be able to wear it after this. She may very well have stained it too badly. But perhaps that was her intent!

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A Fuss said...

Maddie's onesie was a different size -- it was 3-6 mo., but I did have her wear it early (and I think I shrunk it a bit in the wash.) Maybe Annie will <3 B-lo in a few more months?