Monday, August 17, 2009

More critters

I forgot to mention in last night's blog post that we met one of our neighbors yesterday, Mr. O. Possum:

Yeah, kind of freaky, right? Jim was taking out the garbage, dropped the bag in the can, and realized that an opossum was taking a nap in the can. There wasn't any food in the can, just an empty bag of charcoal from our BBQ on Saturday. We have no idea how he got in there - the can was upright and is about 3-4 feet tall. The animal played dead, and Jim pulled out the garbage bag and turned the can on its side. The opossum took off and went home - into the neighbors' garage. This is the same garage where we thought a skunk was living. The garage has had a large hole on one side for several years, and Mr. O. Possum is the latest inhabitant, I guess. Apparently the garage door doesn't open on this garage anymore, which means that the neighbors haven't gone in there in a long time. This works just fine for the residents of the garage, who have their own entryway to their home.

For my mother's benefit: yes, the cats are up to date on their rabies shots.

If you get beyond the fact that he's a rodent, he's actually sort of cute. He's about the size of a small cat, with spiky fur, a long, skinny tail, and a long snout.

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