Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Doctor Check-up

Today was a big day for Annika because it was her 4 month pediatrician visit. She got a whole lot of more vaccines, amounting to 2 shots and an oral vaccine. She cried through most of the visit, starting right after the nurse weighed her. She even tried to pee on the nurse. :) She seemed to calm down more once we put her clothes back on her. And once she got her shots, she actually quieted down pretty quickly and went to sleep. It's almost as if being naked was worse than getting a shot. :) She's fast asleep now, poor sweetie.

She weighed in at 14 lbs, 5 ounces and 25 inches long. She has grown more than half a foot since she was born! She is right where she should be in the percentiles, and the doctor gave us the green light to start solids. We're supposed to start with rice cereal, just a little to begin with. I'm a little concerned that it'll cause constipation, but I guess it's also OK to mix a little juice in with the cereal, which helps keep things moving. We're going to try pear juice next time, because Annika has decided that she hates prune juice. I don't blame her. I hate it too. It is one of the nastiest drinks I've ever had. But I guess any juice that starts with the letter "p" helps with constipation (such as prune juice and pear juice). Jim asked the doctor if parsimmon juice also was OK. Yeah, that's just like Jim. :)

So now it's time to get a high chair. We need to get one that folds up very small since we have very limited space in the kitchen. I guess our days of eating in front of the TV are numbered!

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