Sunday, August 16, 2009


The weekend started out quite nicely, but sort of fizzled on Sunday.

On Saturday, we went to Houghton's Pond, which is a swimming hole in a state park that is not far from where we live. I've brought Annie there for picnics a few times. It was nice to go there with Jim because I was able to go for a short swim! (and can I just say that I felt that swim in my abdominal muscles ... thank you, C section). I just wish the swimming area was a little larger. They have a very small section of the pond roped off for swimming, but it's very shallow and extremely crowded. I wonder if I could swim the whole pond if I showed up at a time when the lifeguard wasn't on duty? It's much more satisfying to swim in deeper water.

On Saturday evening, our friends Mark and Lauren came over for a BBQ. We cooked out hamburgers, and I made my mom's special potato salad. They also brought over fresh corn from the Hingham farmer's market, and a really delicious dessert of vanilla pudding, peaches, and ginger snaps. Yum. We sat around and talked about jobs, new and old.

On Sunday morning, a lady came by and took away our old mattress and box spring. Craig's List is very cool. I hope she's able to get a lot of use out of the mattress. I was sort of sad to see it go, in a way, because of the story behind it. My dad went mattress shopping for us eleven years ago, after we had just moved to Boston, and long story short, picked out this mattress at a store in Buffalo. It was shipped to my parents' house, and then he transported it, along with all our other stuff, to Boston in a U-Haul trailer. Just another example of how my dad took care of me, even when he didn't totally agree with everything I was doing in my life. I miss him. Anyway, the mattress had outlived its normal lifespan and it was time for us to unload it. I'm glad someone else will get some use of it - Dad would've liked that too. I think he would've been a big fan of Craig's List too.

After that, we decided to take a trip up to Freeport, ME to go shopping at LLBean and get out of town for the day. Unfortunately, the traffic was a disaster. After about 2 hours on the road, we were only at Portsmouth, NH in a traffic jam and it didn't seem like it was going to get any better. In fact, it probably would be worse on the way back, as everyone returned home from their vacations in NH and Maine. So we turned around and headed home, just in time to give Annie her next bottle. That was a little deflating. Since we had been looking forward to the Ben & Jerry's ice cream stand outside of LLBean, we took a consolation prize and went to the Dairy Queen near our house.

And that pretty much was our weekend. Jim's packing for his business trip that starts tomorrow morning, and I'm driving to Marlboro tomorrow to hang out with some friends. And I have a brief to write over the next couple of weeks, courtesy of my old job. So starts another week.

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