Sunday, June 28, 2009

Smiles and Shakespeare

Guess what! Annie smiles! And not just because of gas!

Yesterday, Annie met her Aunt Clare Marie and saw her Aunt Dode again. Then she slept while her grandma and I got lunch at an interesting little cafe in Snyder called O3.

We also went to Shakespeare in Delaware Park in the evening, and brought salads and a DiPaulo's pizza. (DiPaulo's makes the world's best pizza. Really. We haven't found anything like it anywhere else). The Tempest was showing, but because we were too far back, we couldn't see anything. Plus, there wasn't a whole lot of action - it was mostly just dialog. So we cut out at intermission and went for a walk in the park instead. There was a wedding at the Delaware Park Casino, where Jim and I had our wedding reception. Very pretty. I can't believe our wedding was almost 10 years ago.

Today I'm hoping to do some family visiting. Then tomorrow, I'm off to Barker for a couple of days at the lake!

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