Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Annie and friends

I just can't resist posting this adorable photo of Annie with all her new buddies from my new moms' group at Isis:
Annie is the one who looks like she's in her underwear :) (this was the spare onesie in my diaper bag because she leaked formula around the collar of her outfit). She's to the left of the little girl in the yellow shirt and blue pants. Today was "graduation" day - the end of our 6 weeks. After I get back from Buffalo, I start a new group, called "Next Step," for kids who are 3-4 months. All the kids in this photo are the same age as Annie, plus or minus 2 weeks. The little boy to the left of Annie was born on the same day as she was!

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alexandra said...

So cute! I love that you changed her just because she leaked formula on her collar -- that happens all the time around here:) I think you need to blog about Annie's recent kung fu fighting habit. I just love that picture so much. Everytime I look at it Rob and I start laughing. Can't wait to see you guys!