Thursday, June 4, 2009


Fifteen years ago today, I graduated from high school. (Jim's graduation happened 15 years ago tomorrow).

Unfortunately, I missed my high school reunion because of all the stuff going on with Annie's birth. Jim's reunion is next weekend, I think, but he doesn't have any interest in going. Actually, I would be very interested in going to his reunion, since I had a good number of friends who went to his high school. But c'est la vie. The trip to Buffalo is pretty long to be doing it more than once a month.

It's kind of amazing to think about how different life was then. That summer, I was living with my parents in Buffalo, working as a bank teller, and looking forward to college in Washington in the fall. I had never set foot in the state of Massachusetts. My sister was living in another state, Jim was dating someone else, and I hadn't even met most of the people who are my closest friends now. By contrast, I haven't talked to the people who were my closest friends then (my next-door neighbors, who I grew up with) in many years.

In the grand scheme of things, 15 years really isn't that long of a time. Well, maybe it is. It's half a lifetime ago. But I suppose that when I'm 90, 15 years won't seem that long. Are the 15 years that include your late teens and your 20's more formative and transforming than any other period in one's life? I would think not, given the amount of change that happens between one's birth and age 15. Perhaps they are merely indicative of how much one's life changes over time. But then what will my life look like 15 years from today?

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