Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend highlights

Some highlights of the weekend:

1) We took Zeus to the vet yesterday because she has an eye infection. We had a new vet who apparently had drawn in her eyebrows with a brown magic marker. Very bizarre. This vet was Dr. Doom. She found about 5 other things "wrong" with Zeus, aside from the eye infection. For example, about 7 years ago, Zeus lost one of her front teeth. We have brought her into the vet many, many times since then, and the doctor has always said that it was not a problem. Dr. Doom freaked out, saying that Zeus must be in horrible pain because of it, and said that part of the tooth root was still there. She said that many of Zeus' teeth were infected and needed to come out. (I'm sure she could sell us special cat food for Zeus to eat after she lost her teeth). She thought she felt some unspecified hardness in Zeus' intestine, which she said could be irritable intestine syndrome (or something like that), and wanted to know if Zeus had any arthritis. Of course, there were "treatments" she could provide for each of Zeus' ailments. At a cost, of course. (Cha-ching!)

I felt like I was at the place we go for oil changes, where the "mechanics" give you a list of things that are wrong with your car, knowing full well that you know nothing about cars. For example, one mechanic said that our power steering fluid was red and that this was a bad thing. I read on-line later that power steering fluid is supposed to be red. I felt like this vet was doing the same thing. Trying to get me to freak out so that I would give her my wallet, without knowing what was actually going on.

$260 later, I had 3 medicines to give Zeus for her eye and I also purchased some flea medicine. (The flea medicine was about $40 more than I can get it on-line). We have to go back in a week for a recheck (probably so Dr. Doom can look for some other things that are wrong with our poor cat). I think Jim is going to go because he wants to see the vet's eyebrows. :) I think we need to find a new vet.

2) Apparently New Kids on the Block are still touring and are doing a show in Buffalo in the next couple of days. What? They were bad 20 years ago - how do they get to do a reunion tour too? And why are people so excited about this? I think that maybe people want to relive their junior high school days. I guess these are the same people that actually enjoyed junior high school.

3) We went to our friend's house for a little BBQ last night, to celebrate Flag Day and our friend's new job. We grilled pizza - yeah, out on the grill. It was really good. First you grill one side of the dough, then you put the toppings on that side and grill the other side.

4) Annika was up from 2:30 to about 5:30 this morning. And Jim only got her to sleep at 5:30 with the help of a pacifier. (Not a good habit to get into, but we were desperate). We feel like we're going to die.

5) While I was at the vet, Jim painted the wall that we had fixed after the sewage pipe cracked. He also put some finishing touches on the window that he replaced 2 weekends ago. It feels good to get some of those loose ends finished in the house.

6) Today it's raining but may clear up later. I think we're going to try to rest today. Annika is sleeping great right now!

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