Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Miss Marvelous

Annie will always be Marvelous, even after she grows out of her famous Miss Marvelous onesie:
It still fits for now. :) Miss Marvelous had a marvelous diaper this morning!

Today I'm trying her out in a Baby Bjorn baby carrier that I got as a hand-me-down from a friend of a friend. It's actually quite nice. (For those of you not familiar with these things, it looks a little like a back pack that you wear on your front. There are straps for your arms, and then a pouch in the front, where the baby sits. Infants sit in it facing you. Later, around 3 months, once they're better about holding up their heads, you can face them out. It's a convenient way to carry around your baby and still have your hands free).

I have been using a sling, which used to work like magic in settling Annie down. But she no longer likes going in the sling because she can't look around in it. I believe there are other positions to use the sling for, but I haven't looked into that too much yet. The Baby Bjorn has Annie upright, instead of in more of a fetal position.

It looks like the Baby Bjorn might be a success. She was sort of fussing around in it for a while, but now she's asleep. I love the smell of baby ....

Today we're meeting Jim for lunch at Mary Chung's in Cambridge. We're getting to be experts at bringing Annie into restaurants. :)

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A Fuss said...

I hear the Baby Bjorn is awesome for grocery shopping too, because you don't need to have the cart with you all the time and have both hands free. Have fun at lunch!