Sunday, June 1, 2008

San Diego photos

We thought about going into Mexico tonight, but then we found out that there's usually a 3-hour wait at the border to get back into the U.S. on a Saturday night. So that wasn't going to happen. Instead, we drove into Old Town San Diego and had dinner at a very nice Mexican restaurant that even served ceviche. We got to each outside and it was a nice evening.

Here are the photos from San Diego. First, the Jacaranda Tree that I keep writing about. It's incredible:

Some animals we saw. A giraffe, an elephant, and a polar bear:

Directly after this photo, the elephant let out a roar, turned around so his butt was facing us, and took a big dump ... it was really funny:

Jim eating lunch on the patio of this cafe. There was a waterfall in the background. Nice.

As always, the rest of the photos are on my flickr site, so check that out too.

I talked to my mom and Laurie tonight. My mom made it into Seattle and got a Prius as her rental car. Go figure. We get a Kia, but she gets a nice Prius. :) Oh well. They probably didn't have too many Priuses in Wenatchee.

Good night!

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