Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's too hot

It's really hot today in Boston. When I got home tonight, close to 7:00, it was still about 91 degrees outside. Now the sun's down, and it's still 82. Supposedly, there is a 50% chance of "scattered thunderstorms" (according to the Weather Channel). So if that's the percentage for scattered storms, what the percentage of us actually getting a storm? Doesn't it seem like that percentage should be even less?

Here are the Top 5 Things that JK2 and I did today:
1) Watch Hell's Kitchen, preceded by a really bizarre show called "the Moment of Truth" (JK2)
2) Go to jail for a "house call" so to speak, then walk through the jello-like heat and humidity to the Silver Line, to get back to the office (me)
3) Make a really neat cabbage and tofu salad for dinner (JK2 ... quite the chef)
4) Finish what previously seemed like the endless bureaucracy surrounding our boat (registering for excise tax and a mooring permit) (me)
5) Thank the heavens that we now have central AC (both)

I'll have to do a separate post on "Moment of Truth." What a weird show.

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