Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gratuitous Flower Photos

Today was a perfect day for planting, since it was cool, overcast, with a chance of rain later. JK^2 and I have been planning to redo our front flowerbeds for a while, so today was the day to get a start on it. We pulled out a sickly azalea to the left of our front stairs, and replaced it with a lace cap hydrangea, a variety called "Blue Bird." Here's how it looks:

And if you click on this link, you'll see what it will look like when it blooms. It should be great. Our goal was to give it a lot of space to spread out. We didn't do that with our other hydrangea, and now it has outgrown its space:

(And this is after I cut it back all the way to the ground a year ago). We are going to dig it up and move it out next spring. With the new hydrangea, we have a lot of excess space, so we planted impatiens and marigolds, and then put a good layer of mulch over the top.

And while I'm at it, I thought I would throw in a couple of other photos of my beautiful flowers. Here is a close up of the blooms on my other hydrangea bush:

And here is a closeup of a gerbera daisy I have growing in a pot on our front stairs.

And my tomato plants have flowers. So everything is right in the world. :)


A Fuss said...

I love that gerbera daisy! Can you plant those in the ground or do they require extra special care? (Clearly I have no knowledge of things gardening.) This is what happens when you have no yard.

Net Ghost said...

You can plant gerbera daisies in the ground, but they are annuals, which means that you have to replant every year. I have been told that gerberas are hard to take care of, but they've been pretty easy for me so far. We'll see how they do in August when it gets hot and dry ...