Saturday, June 14, 2008

Buffalo News

We're back in Buffalo for the weekend. We flew in last night and go back tomorrow. I'm exhausted. It's been a really full day. We had to run a lot of errands and get a lot of things accomplished.

Tonight we had dinner at a little Italian restaurant in Black Rock that is in a 3-story Victorian house that is 3-toned: red, white and green for the Italian flag. :) We've gone there before and it's the sort of place that we haven't found in Boston yet. A place for locals, good food, good price, no frills. I don't know why we haven't found a place like it in Boston yet, except that I think Buffalo is more blue-collar than Boston is getting to be. Either that, or we really qualify as "locals" in Buffalo, because our families have lived here for generations and know all the cheap spaghetti joints, while we still have a short history in Boston.

I was shocked to see that Tim Russert died yesterday. He was a big Buffalo ex-pat. JK2's high school was his high school too, and they made a big deal of him. He even has his own page at the high school's website. I've read his books, and he seemed like a nice guy. It's sad and shocking when someone dies so quickly, even someone that I don't know, although I felt like I knew him through his books. There are so many things that he had in life and the world that will be forever unfinished or accomplished. This, as well as my reflections on my dad's life as Father's Day nears, makes me think about how much time each of us has left - are we spending it in a way that creates happiness and beauty? Is it too much of a goal to try to change the world, or should we just focus on enjoying life? Is it possible to do both?

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