Sunday, June 8, 2008

Movie and brunch

We saw Sex & the City today at the movie theater on the Boston Common. When we can, Jim and I like to go into the city on Sunday for a movie and brunch. You get the movie at the matinee price (I think it was $6 ... I remember when $6 was the price for the evening movie, but that's another story), it rarely sells out, and you get a nice meal out of it too!

We like to go to a restaurant called Scollay Square, which has a nice brunch, and if the weather's nice, you can sit outside. The restaurant is named for a former section of Boston, called Scollay Square, known for its bars, vaudeville theaters and other "establishments." It was torn down in 1963 to make way for the barren wasteland that is Boston's Government Center. Many people mourn Scollay Square. If you've ever seen Boston City Hall or the JFK Federal Building, the two ugly buildings that were built on the remains of the Square, you will understand why.

The movie was not even close to as good as the TV series. It just seemed like everything was flat: the characters, the twists of fate that occur, etc. The movie's plot seemed a whole lot more preposterous than the TV series did, but maybe I just don't remember the TV shows well. At the end, everyone's pretty much in the same situation as they were in the beginning. You don't feel like they've made any progress. And by the way, it's a long movie - 2 1/2 hours, and that's not counting all the previews and other crap at the beginning. I guess a good word for the movie is gratuitous: gratuitous costume changes, shopping sprees, breakup-and-makeups, drama, etc. Then again, maybe that's why the TV series was so much fun. I actually enjoyed the gratuitous New York shots - the TV show always made me and Jim want to go to New York. Somehow, all the gratuity (?) gratuitousness (?) didn't work so well in a movie.

Tonight we had Mark and Lauren over for a little cookout, which was fun. Jim grilled fish and corn-on-the-cob. Of course, we finished it up with a walk over to Frozen Freddie's for an ice cream cone. I got a flavor called razzleberry supreme, or something like that. It was quite good. Tasted a lot like strawberry cheesecake, with chocolate pieces in it. I like trying new flavors. After all, I can now say that I've had black licorice ice cream.

On to another week at work ...

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