Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday morning after a good week

It's been a good week. I'm surprised at how fast it went. Usually, when I'm tired, the days tend to drag. Not this week.

I basically spent the whole week at work writing a 28-page brief. I'm glad to have it finished. I really like to write, and it's satisfying when you have a good piece of work at the end of it. I have another brief due at the end of the month that looks like an interesting case.

We went sailing in the Harbor on Thursday night with Nate. It was fun, although quite chilly. We got sandwiches at the little grocery store around the block from the wharf, and ate dinner on the water. We sailed out, and saw the coast guard everywhere. At one point, it seemed like they drove up to check us out, and then continued out further into the harbor.

As we were sailing back to the slip at the end of the night, we realized the reason for the coast guard presence. There was a huge LNG (liquefied natural gas) tanker coming out of the harbor. The police and coast guard were everywhere, and the police approached our boat and told us to pull the boat into an inlet while the tanker passed by. (Luckily we had already taken the sails down and the boat had a motor ... I don't know what we would've done if we had been in one of those boats with no motor - pretty hard to maneuver it into a small space!) The presence of LNG tankers in the harbor has been a source of controversy since 9/11, because of the volatility of the fuel and the danger to Boston if it exploded. It was pretty interesting watching the big tanker go out to sea.

Last night, I put my veggie plants into the ground, weeded, and made a big bowl of tabbouleh from the parsley in my garden! But it wasn't ready in time for dinner, because the bulgar had to sit for 2 hours. I let the tabbouleh sit over night and I'll bet it'll be great for lunch today. Today it's supposed to be 90 degrees here and we might (finally) go see Sex & the City.

I love Saturday mornings. It seems like the possibilities are endless for the weekend. You can finally do what you want, instead of what you are required to do at work.

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A Fuss said...

I feel exactly the same way, and then Sunday rolls around and I think, where did all the time go! I think I'm going to see SATC on Tuesday -- but I can't persuade Rob to go:( You guys are in B-lo for the 4th right? We're going to be driving in on Thursday, I think.