Saturday, May 24, 2008

Twisp Day Three

Today was a pretty active day. Jim and I went for a bike ride through the mountains in the morning, and I discovered how out of shape I really am! It was a beautiful ride, though. After that, we went to the Twisp farmers' market and met Laurie for lunch. There were also in-between times when Jim would sit out on the porch and read his book. I would go for walks with Laurie's adorable cats. Lunch was good, except for the fact that they slipped ham into the potato salad! So the only one who ate any was Jim, and we brought some home for Rob.

After lunch, we came back to the house and relaxed. Laurie got home around 4 and she and I went to "Wild Hearts" nursery to pick up some plantlets. We also did a side trip to Winthrop, a town with a cowboy/western theme. They have a city ordinance that requires all businesses to style the fronts of their buildings like an old western town, with wooden signs, special calligraphy on the signs, etc. There is also a board walk instead of a sidewalk. It's a little silly, but it's still a nice town. Laurie and I got ice cream. I got licorice-flavored ice cream, and it was black. Really. It made my whole mouth black!

When we got back, we made dinner and then planted some of the tomato plantlets. We also did an "American Gothic" portrait of Laurie and Rob. It's really funny and I'll post it here later.

So that's about all for today. Tomorrow we head south, probably for Portland, Oregon. Then I'll have better Internet access and more new things to post.

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