Sunday, May 25, 2008

Recap of Twisp

I finally have my photos on this computer, so I thought I would recap our visit to Twisp.

Here is the view going into Twisp:

Here's Laurie, showing off the sushi and her Elvis glasses:

Balsam flowers that we saw everywhere:

Laurie the cat herder:

American Gothic, Twisp-style (this photo was taken in front of Laurie and Rob's house, so you get an idea of the view):

Laurie and Rob's house:

We had a really nice time. Twisp is amazingly beautiful. We were surrounded by wonderful cats named Witten, Otis, Clyde, Stella, Smudgearooni, Fluffer Nutter, Stripy Jack Flywheel, Little Beetle Girl, and Adam Cat. And it was great to see Laurie and Rob.

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