Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blue Earth, Minnesota

Tonight we are in Blue Earth, Minnesota. You might ask, where is Blue Earth? It is about an hour west of Rochester, MN. The only tourist attraction it has is a 60 foot Jolly Green Giant:

Today was another long day in the car. We started out in Chicago, getting breakfast at a cafe near Alex and Rob's apartment. The owner of said cafe was unexpectedly rude. But the food was good, and after breakfast, we got on the road. We passed through Wisconsin, stopping for lunch in Madison. The University of Wisconsin was having graduation, so there were a lot of students around, and it was a nice town. Unfortunately, Jim got a speeding ticket!! The officer, who was on a motorcycle, also told him that he had the option of arresting him and making us pay a bond. But he decided not to. That would've been a disaster.

After getting the speeding ticket, we continued driving through Wisconsin. We tried to find some cheese, but when we stopped a cheese stop, it had just closed for the day! We did get some quality time with a large mouse though:

We then crossed the Mississippi River into Minnesota. We made a quick stop in Rochester, MN (because that's where Justice Harry Blackmun's from). Then we decided to stop in Blue Earth because we were worried we weren't going to find a hotel. It is really desolate out here. There are mostly fields and cows and once in a while you'll see a farm. We were trying to imagine what it was like here in the winter, and thought it would be pretty harsh.

Tomorrow we're going to see the Corn Palace and maybe the Badlands. We plan on stopping in Rapid City, SD but we'll see how far we get.

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