Saturday, May 17, 2008


We are in Chicago tonight, after a long ride. Today was the day of amazing food. We started out in Buffalo with a really amazing breakfast at my Mom's - omelet, fresh fruit, and blueberry tea. We got on the road at around 8:40. Once on the Thruway, we saw a caravan of PT Cruisers, including a very stylish convertible one! It started raining and they all pulled over so that the convertible car could put up its roof.

We stopped in Parma, OH for lunch with my grandparents. My Grandma made us a Lebanese feast, including fatoyah, tabouleh, mjadra, lubya, and apple pie for dessert! (I guess they probably eat apple pie in Lebanon occasionally, right?). We visited with them for 2 hours, and were back on the road at 2pm.

Then we had a looooooong drive through the rest of Ohio, Indiana and then Illinois. We saw a lot of green fields, silos, farms, and water towers. We passed through Gary, Indiana and could actually smell it. Yuck.

We got into Chicago at about 6:30 after a bunch of traffic, not unlike Boston. Here is Chicago from Rt. 90:

We got to A.Fuss' apartment. Here's me and A.Fuss in front of her apartment:

Then we went out and got awesome pizza!! We got buffalo mozzarella as an appetizer. JK^2 thinks it's dangerous to eat buffalo mozzarella because it comes from Milan and he had a bad experience with cleanliness in Italy last summer. And apparently there have been news reports that the buffalos who make this cheese live where they dump garbage. But I've gone swimming in Lake Erie, so I think I'll live. :) And anyway, it was really delicious. We also got pizza, of course.

We are probably going to drive through Wisconsin and Minnesota tomorrow. Unless we decide to do Iowa and Nebraska instead. But it'll probably be Wisconsin and Minnesota.

By the way, does anyone out there know why the Corn Palace is such a big thing and why everyone but us has heard of it?

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