Thursday, September 10, 2009

We made it (so far)

So we survived our first week of "back to work" and day care. Annika's first day of day care was Tuesday. They took photos of her and she looks pretty happy:
I missed her like crazy though. I think she did OK but it's going to take her a little while to get used to napping there, I think. It must be pretty noisy, and of course, she's not used to that. I bring her home and she is really tired.

Meanwhile, back at work, it's the same old stuff (which I won't get into here), plus, I have to say good-bye to all my clients. A drag.

Annie has been getting used to the rice cereal. We've changed the consistency so that it's quite a bit thicker than when we first started a week ago, and that seems to work better. The first time we fed her the rice cereal, it was so runny that it just went everywhere and I don't think she was able to swallow most of it because it ran out of her mouth too quickly! Now that it's thicker, she will open her mouth for the spoon, move the cereal around in her mouth a bit, and then swallow. Her formula consumption has gone down a few ounces, but she's still in good range. I'm going to weigh her at Isis tomorrow to make sure she's still OK, but she sure looks healthy!

Tomorrow we have a busy day planned - moms' group at Isis in the morning, and then a new playgroup in the afternoon! Some of the moms from my last Isis group are getting together at someone's house in West Roxbury. It should be fun. I'm praying Annie doesn't have a melt-down from all the activity.

This weekend, we might go apple-picking on Saturday, and on Saturday night, the neighbors are having a little cookout with their new fire pit. And a new baby was born across the street yesterday! He was born at home (which was planned - they had a midwife) and he weighed in at over 9 pounds. Another friend for Annie. Our next-door neighbor thinks that there are now 8-9 kids under the age of 5 on the street, and about half were born this year. We're already making Halloween plans.

Another weekend is almost here!


Grandma B said...

She is so adorable. What a precious baby.

A Fuss said...

I'm trying to imagine the proportion of that high chair! Annie looks like Mini-Annie in it. How did the weigh-in at Isis go?