Friday, September 18, 2009


Today was a pretty low-key day. Annie and I went to the last meeting of the "Caterpillars" moms' group. We talked about traveling with the baby. It was somewhat useful, as I got some ideas for my flight to Buffalo next month. The big question is whether transporting Annie around in the Baby Bjorn will be sufficient, or whether I need to bring a stroller with me. I'd rather not bring the stroller, because that would mean also bringing her car seat. The stroller is a "Snap-n-Go" which means it doesn't "go" unless you have a car seat to "snap" into it. I wasn't planning on lugging the car seat around because my mother-in-law has one that we can use while in Buffalo. Anyway, we'll figure it out. Unfortunately, I think it'll probably be the most planned 48-hour trip that I've ever taken. :)

After Caterpillars, we came home, had lunch, and took a big long nap. Happiness is sleeping out on the front porch with a warm, cuddly baby on your chest. Extra points if there is also a cat nearby or on you. :)

This evening, I gave Annie a special bath. Annie has a bit of a cold and is a little congested. As a present, I received something called "vapor bath," which is supposed to provide "comfort" to babies with head colds. It turns out that it's just liquid soap that smells nice. But silly me, I followed the instructions on the bottle and dumped a cap-full of it into the tub before Annie got in. By the time I finished filling up the tub with water, the top of the tub was covered in bubbles! So Annie got a very aromatic bubble bath. It was all good until I had to rinse her off. I ended up having to pull her out of the tub, still slippery with bubbles and soap everywhere, then I drained the tub, and refilled with clean water. And miraculously, Annie didn't complain at all. She was actually pretty happy about the whole thing. Here she is, after the bath, in her special grandma pajamas:

Tomorrow will be a busy day, as most Saturdays seem to be these days. We're going apple-picking in the late morning with friends, followed by lunch, apple pie, and possibly some roofing of a shed at their house in Marlboro. Later, we are going to a "quilting bee." I'll have to write a separate post about that, I think.


A Fuss said...

You can borrow our stroller too! It's a little large, but I'm sure you can fit it in the trunk of your mom's car -- I know it fits in Mom's!

Net Ghost said...

Yeah, I think the issue is what to do with Annie at the airport. Apparently, a stroller is a useful way to carry your suitcase while you're holding the baby. But I think that if I just have a backpack and check my suitcase, there's no need for a stroller in the airport, you know? Plus, it seems like a stroller would be a hassle to bring through security.