Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oatmeal, night wakings, and Sunday

Today we started Annika on oatmeal baby cereal. It looks basically the same as the rice cereal, except it's a little browner. To me, the taste didn't seem to be too different from the rice cereal. Annie didn't seem to notice a difference either. She gobbled up a bowl of it. So we'll try that for a week and look for allergies.

We also moved Annie to the "fast flow" bottle nipples. I sort of think that the different speeds on the nipples is a bit of a scam. But she was starting to have difficulty getting the milk out of the medium flow nipples. I wasn't sure if that was because the nipples were shot or she needed the next stage. I decided to try the next stage.

Yesterday Annie had a hard day. She didn't want to take her afternoon nap. She finally went down around 6pm but then it looked like she was down for the night. Except that she still had one more bottle on the agenda. We woke her up at 7:30 and she barely woke up. She took down about 3/4 of the bottle and then promptly went back to sleep. I was thinking, "Now we're in for it." Knock on wood, Annie has been sleeping through the night for 2 months. But once in a while, if things are off during the day, she will wake up around 2 or 3. I remember that once she did this because we put her in different pajamas and she was cold. Another time, she was legitimately hungry.

Well, at 2am, we hear Annie talking to herself in the next room. It's really cute. This is how she normally wakes up in the morning now. She babbles and says "Ah-goo" a lot. If you go in to check on her, she usually has her little legs up in the air, sometimes she's rocking from side to side, her eyes are open and she'll give you a big smile. We were debating what to do, but she didn't sound upset so we thought we'd let her be and see if she went back to sleep. And she did! Very cool. And slept til 7:15, her normal waking time. I wonder why she woke up. Perhaps she was ruminating about her day, just like Mommy does.

Today we're going to see my friend Jen's new condo that she bought 2 weeks ago. It is in Arlington Center. (Arlington is just north of Cambridge). We're going to pick up sandwiches at Hi-Rise Bread Company and head over.

Later, we have to make a trip to BRU, the second one this weekend. I think I'm going to get one of those "exersaucer" things for Annie. I think she'll be able to sit up in it now, and it'll be more interesting than the bouncy seat. They're quite ridiculous-looking, but they also look like they would be fun for a baby.

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