Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Sing it! "Rolling, rolling, rolling. keep those doggies rolling, RAWHIDE!"

Today I went to the first day of "Social Butterflies," which is a child development class through Isis, the same people who did the new moms' groups I did this summer. Afterwards, I went to lunch with one of the women in the class, Clair, who had also been in the first new moms' class I took. We were talking about the babies rolling over and I was saying how I was getting a little concerned that Annie hadn't rolled over yet. I have heard of babies who are several months younger than her rolling over, but I've also heard that rolling isn't tied with any particular age. It just happens, and there's a wide range as far as when it happens. Clair said that her baby, who is about a month older than Annie, had just rolled over a couple of weeks ago, which made me feel better.

We got home, I fed Annie, and then I put her in the Pack-n-Play to try to get her to take a nap before the plumber showed up. She likes to nap on her belly, so I put her on her belly. But instead of sleeping she lifted up her head and shoulders and was looking around. (She's not used to sleeping in the Pack-n-Play, particularly because she's too heavy for the bassinet now, so she's now lying in the bottom of the playpen). Next thing I knew, she had spun herself around so that she was perpendicular to the position she was in initially. Then she started rocking back and forth, and the next time I looked, she was over on her back! She was very happy about it (or reacted to my happiness).

This actually may have been the second time she rolled. The first time, we were napping on the bed a couple of weeks ago. She was next to me on her belly, and she seemed to roll over onto her back then too, but I thought that I might've given her some help, since she sort of pushed off of me.

The rolling is really good, because it means that she'll next figure out how to roll from her back to her belly. Then, when the daycare puts her on her back to nap (as they're required to do), she can roll into the position that is easiest for her to nap. Hopefully this will mean more rest at day care.

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