Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've noticed that blogging is much easier in bullet points. :)

But first, a big "Happy Anniversary" to A.Fuss and Rob who are celebrating 3 years of marriage today! Have 3 years really gone by since the wedding??

Some thoughts about today:

1) Our neighbor with the very loud scooter who rides up and down our street all day, every day is driving me crazy! Really, doesn't he have anything better to do? Has he not discovered Facebook yet? :)

2) The daycare drop-off/pick-up test run was not as bad as I thought it would be. I only cried a little. We went out for breakfast at Early American, which we hadn't been to in years. Everything was totally the same there, of course (that's why my dad liked it so much, I think). When we came back, Annika was still awake, looking around at everything. We brought her home and she took a nap. The real thing starts Tuesday. That will be harder.

3) We had our second car-seat diaper blowout last night (the second time this week). We went out for a picnic in Hull and ice cream last night. When I got back in the car from ordering ice cream cones at DQ I picked up on that special diaper blow-out smell. Jim couldn't smell it. We quickly drove home, hoping it stayed in Annie's pants. But when I looked in the back window, I could see it all over the car seat. Apparently, Jim had buckled her into the seat in such a way that the diaper did not block the blow-out. Thankfully, it did not run onto the back seat of the car.

We put the car seat cushion in the washer again, which is against the manufacturer's instructions. Apparently you're only supposed to spot-clean the cushion. But seriously, how does one properly "spot-clean" a car seat that has been soiled in that way? Last time, the cushion was soaked all the way through. Anyway, it seems to do fine in the washer, and Jim has figured out to reassemble it into the car seat. For safety reasons, you're not supposed to put any sort of pad in between the baby and the car seat. So I have a feeling the cushion will see many more washings over the next 6-8 months that we use the seat.

Looking forward to the weekend!