Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Summary

Yes, it may be Tuesday, but we just got back from Buffalo, so for us, it feels like the weekend just ended. (What a luxury). Here are the highlights from this very busy weekend:

1) Getting to see lots of family and friends this weekend, particularly on Sunday at the baby shower. I just wish I had more time to actually visit with everyone.

2) Excellent food! Santasiero's (or whatever it's called) and their fabulous cheese ravioli on Saturday night, great shower food on Sunday, a wonderfully low-key lunch at Koglers' on Monday, and Ming's for dinner on Monday night.

3) Sunny weather on Sunday for the shower.

4) Getting an extra day, Monday, to relax after the shower festivities and catch up with people.

5) Not bad weather on the way back to Boston. We hit some snow around Buffalo and Rochester, but the rest of the trip was clear. It was partly sunny and in the 50's here in Quincy when we got back.

6) Getting close to finishing the cradle (see post below about that).

7) Being home at the end. But still missing everyone in Buffalo and Cleveland.

Now that we're back, we're in the final stretch before Baby K. arrives. A million things to do to get ready. We have baby classes to take (breastfeeding and infant CPR); a cradle to finish; a crib to find; and many, many things to organize. We need to find a pediatrician and a day care center. I need to continue with the job search and get my current cases in order for my maternity leave. The next weeks will be busy, but exciting too.

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