Monday, April 27, 2009

I love... I don't love... Part Deux

I Love (In no particular order)

The smell of rotting wood in a wet forest
My wife and child
The view of an approaching thunderstorm
My family
The smell of sawdust
People who want to make the world a better place
The first snow
People who think about what they are, why they are, and what they want to be
The smell of rain
People who enjoy life
New York City in the fall (Bryant Park when it snows!)
Listening to the Damnation of Faust
Thinking about why people do what they do
Hamlet (A Rat! A Rat!...)
The eternal wilderness of upstate New York
Community Opera
The feel of heavy bond paper in book
Old Homes
Being Squared
Driving in new places
Organized confusion
This ad (and this one too)
Being here

I Don't Love
Country Music (I can't even bring myself to appreciate it! Sorry)
Prairie Home Companion; Prairie Style Architecture
Pretentious Poetry ('coming over the Starnbergersee' my arse!)
People who don't think
Government stimulus

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