Saturday, April 18, 2009

Home again

Today I was discharged from the hospital and I'm home. It feels really weird to be home after everything that happened this week. It feels like the last time I was home was at least a year ago. And yet, the groceries that I bought on Sunday are still in the fridge and the cooling racks from the cupcakes I made for Easter dinner were still on the counter. It almost seems like everything that happened this week was a dream. It has dream-like qualities. At some point, I should post the story of Annie's birth because it is actually quite unbelievable.

We could not bring Annie home from the hospital yet. She is still on oxygen and needs to get the hang of feeding. They took her off the IV this morning.

It was really hard to leave the hospital without Annie. I didn't like leaving her there, even though the people taking care of her are wonderful and are so good at what they do. I've been carrying Annie around for 8 months and I miss her. It was comforting to feel her kick.

Some things about the hospital: I think Mass General is the best hospital ever. They were great in so many ways. The nurses and doctors were always available, never condescending. I have learned so much about breastfeeding and baby care in general over the last week, all thanks to everyone's willingness to teach and give expert advice. I'm still learning. If there is a positive side to Annie staying in the hospital a bit longer, it's that I can continue going there and learning from the nurses in the Special Care Nursery. They are amazing.

And that's all I have to say today. I now have a date with a breast pump.

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