Monday, April 27, 2009


We got the phone call this morning - Annie is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow! Yesterday after we went home from the hospital, she decided to pull out her feeding tube. Because she has been feeding so well, they decided not to reinsert it, and she's been feeding quite well since then. Perhaps in the end, it's the baby who decides when it's time to come home!

This morning, I called in to find out when she was feeding, and was told that they've been feeding her when she was awake, instead of on a set schedule. Then Mom and I went out to run a few errands, and when we got home again, there was a message that Annie was going to be discharged tomorrow, and that we should bring her car seat into the hospital so that they could test her out in it.

So today we went through a bunch of discharge requirements. They had to check Annie in the car seat by letting her sit in it for an hour with all of her probes on to make sure she could handle it and could hold her head up well enough in it. Here's a photo of Jim and the nurse putting her in the chair. She had just had her bottle and was sound asleep, so at first, she wasn't so happy about being disturbed.
But she did just fine - she slept through that. We also had to watch a video on infant CPR and choking, meet with a dietitian, and purchase some vitamin drops that Annie will have to take every day. The hospital made us an appointment with our pediatrician for Wednesday, and I assume we'll get a lot more advice then.

We left the hospital around 5 and went out to dinner - the "last supper," so to speak. :) We went to Kagawa and I had vegetarian sushi. Then we got back home and Jim put together a little chair/bouncer, whose instructions were written by someone who lacked an appropriate command of the English language. Not unexpectedly, Zeus is now sleeping in said chair.

We also picked out a few options for Annie's "going away" outfit. :) The contenders include a blue onesie that says "Miss Marvelous"; a green, long-sleeved onesie that says "Peas On Earth But Not on my Plate"; and an off-white onesie with matching blanket that says "Peaceful" in pink. We're not sure if she's going to fit in any of them because she's so little! It's supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow, so she'll probably be comfortable in a onesie and a blanket.

Needless to say, it's all quite exciting. And scary too. Tomorrow will be quite a day.

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A Fuss said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Glad Mom is there to help or at least reassure:)