Thursday, July 9, 2009

A quick update

1) We returned to Boston on Monday. The drive seemed to go on forever, although it was about an hour shorter than when I drove in the week before. Go figure. Annie slept most of the way. She is really good in the car.

2) Laurie arrived Wednesday morning, wearing a mustache monocle around her neck. (I'll post a photo later. It's hilarious). It's great to see her and have her here! Now I just have to get over to the grocery store and purchase some coffee for the Mr. Coffee ... from what I'm told, the instant coffee we have in our fridge sucks.

3) Annie and I started our new group at Isis yesterday. Annie weighed in at 11 pounds, 11 ounces! Pretty cool. She looks about the same size as most of the babies in the group. During the part of the class where the moderator reads a book to the babies, Annie talked up a storm. The book was about the sounds that animals make. The moderator said, "The cow goes mooo... and the sheep goes baaa... and the cat goes MEOW!" and just then, Annie made a noise that sounded like a meow. No kidding. Everyone was laughing. I guess Annie was demonstrating her heritage; all the other babies were pretty quiet.

4) Last night we went to an Asian restaurant in Hingham that we'd never been to before, called "Asian C." The hostess, who had a 9-month-old baby herself, thought Annie was so cute that she brought out a complementary roll of maki for us.

5) Annie drank SEVEN OUNCES of formula last night before bed, and then slept over SEVEN HOURS (she fed at 9:40 pm and then not again until 5:25!). As I was rocking her to sleep last night, she looked me right in the eye and was trying to talk to me, making all kinds of baby noises and smiling and looking right at me. Wow. Then Jim and I were awake at 5 and didn't know what to do because Annie hadn't woken up yet. I love it.

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A Fuss said...

You should have told us that Laurie drinks coffee, we could have hooked you up! I can't believe that you and Jim haven't given it a try to help with the sleep deprivation -- I have tons of energy now that I'm drinking caffeine again.