Friday, July 31, 2009

Observations about the week

1) It's raining. Again. I haven't had to water my garden all summer. Of course, my garden has been crappy this year too. :) Jim was going to go sailing tonight with Nate, but he can sail right down our street. I've never seen lawns so green at the end of July like they are this year.

2) I just bought the new edition of Baby Bargains. It's pretty cool. It's oddly fun to read the sections about items that I've already purchased and think about whether I agree with their advice or not, to give some perspective on their advice for items I still need to purchase. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't. It's amazing how 4 months ago I had no clue. And just for the record, they now think that the Diaper Champ sucks too, for just the same reasons that we hated it.

3) I'm really glad I figured out the Baby Bjorn. It's cool and Annie really likes it, now that she can handle facing outwards. I put her in that, and as long as I'm not sitting down, she is happy as a clam. (For some reason, she doesn't like being in it when I'm sitting down). Yesterday, I went out to talk to the neighbors and I put her in it after several hours of crankiness. She settled down and was smiling at all the neighbors. They didn't believe that she could ever be cranky. So basically, Annie was trying to make the neighbors think I was a big fat liar. :)

4) I'm spending a fortune on going out to lunch. But I love it and it keeps me sane.

5) My mom and sister are on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Alaska. I wish I was on vacation too. Any vacation would do. Doesn't have to be once-in-a-lifetime.

6) Annie hates it when she gets the hiccups. I wish I knew how to get rid of them. I can't have her try all the standard remedies - drinking out of the wrong side of a cup doesn't work for babies, and it's not nice to sneak up and startle a baby.

7) What's up with the horrible music they have for infant items (like the Pack-N-Play or the nip-and-nap)? The songs themselves aren't bad, but they sound horrible! I swear that the lullaby in the Pack N Play is off key and the melody and harmony are completely out of sync. The variety of songs in the nip-and-nap are just trippy and primitive. I think the people that come up with the music variations for these things must be taking a lot of drugs. Oh, wait, they're probably the same people who write the assembly directions for these items.

8) Our 10-year wedding anniversary is next week. Sometimes I can't believe it's been ten years, until I think about all that has happened since then, and then it feels perfectly right that it's been that long.

9) We are planning a trip to Buffalo for the end of August. Then we probably won't be back for a while.

10) I have a job interview next week.

11) I'm an Isis junkie.

12) I just bought David McCullough's 1776. It looks good. I need something good to read. The current book I'm reading is too preachy.


A Fuss said...

You know Rob's remedy for the hiccups: Scare her. Tell her she needs to get a job and pay rent. But really, the secret is to tickle the roof of her mouth. Either with your finger or with a little bit of sugar. Then you get to deal with the effects of sugar, but hey, the hiccups will be gone.

Net Ghost said...

Have you tried these with Maddie? I'm hesitant to give Annie sugar.