Sunday, May 31, 2009


Like Alex, we finally organized our nursery this weekend. Jim had assembled the crib a couple of weeks ago, but until today, it was sitting in the middle of the room. There were also baby gifts everywhere. Things are more in place after today.

Here is a photo of what it looks like now (inspired by Alex's blog post on the same topic):

You can see the hummingbird mobile that we bought in Death Valley on our "baby-moon," which is hanging from the light chain. Above the changing table/dresser is the embroidery that always hung in my room from the time I was a baby. (It was made by my Aunt Joyce). Here's a close-up of it:

The curtains were made by Jim's mom, as was the quilt draped over the rail over the crib. We have a rocking chair in front of the changing table, although I'm considering swapping it for a leather chair that we currently have in our living room. That chair is the most comfortable of all the chairs in our house, and it would be nice to feed Annie in it. The rocking chair is nice, but not that practical for feeding.

Here are some "friends" to keep Annie company while we are swaddling her in the crib:

And here is Solomon, on the rug in the nursery. He's the guard on duty in front of the crib:

And here is Zeusy, trying to be the center of attention while I write this blog:

(Sorry, couldn't resist posting some gratuitous kitty photos!)

It's been a rough day. Annie decided to be awake from 2 to 3:30am this morning, even though she wasn't all that hungry. Jim and I both exhausted, and I don't think my mom (who's visiting) got much sleep either. Jim put in the window in our living room. (The replacement window had been sitting in our porch since November - that's how crazy our lives have been over the last year). He had to cut some wood to make the window fit, and every time I heard the table saw start, I worried that he'd be so tired that he'd injure himself. Ugh. But it's all good. Later, our friend Nate came over and Jim cut some wood for him too. He's installing some shelves in a closet in his new house.

Annie's in her fussy period right now. I can hear Jim downstairs, holding her, saying the nursery rhyme about shoeing the old horsey:

Shoe the old horsey,
Shoe the old mare,
Put a little nail there, there, there, there (pointing to different places on the baby's feet)
And let the colt run bare.

Let's hope we can come up with something to convince her to sleep tonight!

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A Fuss said...

You should try the sound machine thing! It has a shut off button and you can control volume, set it to just do lights, just sound, etc... It's pretty cool. Although Rob couldn't figure out how to turn it on -- despite it being designed for babies. Maybe it'll help Annie sleep!