Monday, March 30, 2009


By special request, here are two pictures of the cuckoo clock:

The face of the clock (the bird comes out of the little door at the top of the face of the clock):

Full clock, with pendulum:

This clock belonged to Jim's grandma. It had been broken for a while, and his grandma told him that if he could fix it, he could have it. So Jim brought it back to Boston and somehow figured out how to fix it! (He thought it would be a good way to learn how clocks work for his future project of building a grandfather clock). It has been working since January and we have it in our kitchen, next to the pantry door. We just have to keep remembering to pull the weights so that it keeps running. We have to pull the weights usually twice a day. It "cuckoos" on the hour and the half hour, and that's when the little bird comes out of the top of the clock.


A Fuss said...

Bet the cats just love that!

Net Ghost said...

It's funny because I think the cats were a little freaked out about the cuckoo sound at the beginning, but they are now totally used to it.