Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cradle assembly

We are finally assembling the cradle! Last night we glued the headboard on to the sideboards, and this morning we glued the footboard on. The box joints look fabulous! In fact, the whole thing looks great. This afternoon, we have to go to the woodworking store to get some thin pieces of cherry for the roof, as well as the wood stain. Norm recommends a "Dutch oil," because it ages well on the cherry wood. So we need to find that at the store. He says it's easy to apply. But I would imagine that just about anything in woodworking land is easy for Norm.

It is really exciting that it's all coming together. You just can't buy something like this at Babies-R-Us. Of course, I looked on e-Bay and there are some antique cradles there. But this one will be made by us. Maybe someday it'll appear on the 22nd century version of Antiques Roadshow. :) Ha.

For now, we're off to do some grocery shopping. I'm going to make m'judra for a shiva that we're going to tonight (our friend's father died last weekend).

By the way, did I mention that it's the 2nd day of spring??

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