Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beach and dogs

We ended up going to Newport yesterday for lunch. What a beautiful day. It was in the 60's all day and sunny. We stopped at a Subway and got subs, and then parked at Second Beach. There were about 50 people surfing. It was interesting to watch them. It just seems like it would be so cold to go surfing, even with a wetsuit on. The way wetsuits work is that first you have to get wet, and then the wetsuit traps the water, and your body warms it up, protecting you from the cold water on the outside of the wetsuit. But this still involves having to get wet in that really cold ocean water. I don't know how they do it. They must really love to surf. One thing that I thought was odd was that there weren't any women surfers that we could see.

In addition to the surfers, everyone else seemed to have brought their dog to walk on the beach. There were dogs of all sizes, and many of them went in the water too. There was also this truck from a dog obedience school. We were watching the driver put all the dogs back in the car, and at first, he seemed to have remarkable control over them. He opened up the van door and the dogs lined up and got in the car one by one. They were all big dogs - huskies and labs. We were impressed. Then, before the man could close the van door, a little Boston terrier walked by with his owner and started barking at the dogs in the van. One of the dogs from the van jumped out of the van and attacked the little dog. At one point, it didn't look good for the Boston terrier - the big dog had practically his whole head in his mouth. The owners of the Boston terrier seemed to be frozen, not knowing what to do. And the obedience school man just stood there too. As the fight was going on, the rest of the dogs in the van piled out again and started roaming around on the beach. It was all very funny. The man really had no control over the dogs at all. He was finally able to break up the fight, but then he had to hunt around for the other dogs.

This was our lunch entertainment. Then we went for a walk on the beach:

The tide was coming in so we had to be careful not to get our shoes wet. There were all kinds of interesting shells on the beach. After that, we drove home. We did our grocery shopping, then I made an endive and pear salad for the potluck dinner, and Jim did some more work on the cradle. It looks like he figured out his problem with the box joints! I helped him with some joinery, gluing two pieces of wood together and clamping them so they stay.

Today is another day of beautiful weather, although I hear that we might get freezing rain or snow tonight. Ugh. We will probably check out the photography museum today.

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