Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hello out there - this is the other half of JK squared. We are finally planning our vacation: a cross-country drive. We'll be traveling during the last 2 weeks of May and will try to blog about it here as much as we can. We plan on looking for attractions such as the largest ball of twine and the Corn Palace, and well as the obvious, like Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone. We are doing the northern route: Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, then north through Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana. After we drop the car off with my sister in Twisp, WA, then we'll head south, ultimately arriving in San Diego, where we fly back to Boston. (Maybe we'll have dinner in Tijuana on our last night!) The goal is to have a relaxing trip, and to see stuff that we wouldn't independently buy an airplane ticket and travel to see.

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A Fuss said...

Isn't it nice that all of your family lives on Route 90?