Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scary T news

A. Fuss. has been talking about the L in Chicago. So I thought I would write a short post about our "beloved" T. Today, there was a news report that it may not be safe to watch the July 4th Fireworks on the Longfellow Bridge because it might not be able to hold all the people.

In particular, they are worried that all the people on the bridge could cause the sidewalks to fall into the Charles River. This is an interesting study, because all red line trains cross to and from Cambridge via the Longfellow Bridge. Sometimes, there are two trains on the bridge, in addition to all the cars and trucks that also cross over it, all at the same time. But as usual, Boston is more concerned about pedestrians than anyone else. :) Anyone who drives in Boston understands that. The real question, of course, is: why aren't they fixing the bridge??? It's 100 years old. Time to do some maintenance beyond the usual graffiti scrubbing, I think.

And while I will admit that it is scary to wait for the L on those tiny ledges, no subway train shakes and rattles like the T trains.

(The red line was packed again tonight due to a "police action" in Cambridge, whatever that means. So I'm not feeling too warm and fuzzy about the T at the moment)

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