Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today would've been my grandmother's 100th birthday. So, happy birthday, Grammy! I still find it amazing that I now have known people who were born 100 years ago. I mean, my great-aunt was born in 1896, but I didn't know her well like my grandma.

I think that if my grandma were alive, I'd like to take her out to Anderson's and get an ice cream cone. She loved ice cream, and I don't think she minded the company either.

In honor of my grandma, Bernice Grace Rech Kain, I present you with a few of my favorite photos of her.

As a baby:

At Crystal Beach in 1932 when she was dating my grandfather:

At the Hotel Riverside in Cambridge Springs, PA (the original "Lake George") with my grandfather in 1938:

At the Hotel Riverside again in 1957:

This is how I remember her the best, from 1990:

And on my dad's 50th birthday, in 1996:

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