Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter weekend

Jim's mom is visiting this weekend. Yesterday, we took Annie sledding at Houghton's Pond. Click here for the video. You may have seen photos of Houghton's Pond on this blog a few months ago. It looks quite different in the winter!

We also went to Little Q, a "hot pot" restaurant on Hancock Street in Quincy Center that, sadly, is closing today. The city is demolishing its building, and it lost its lease, so it has to close. It was a nice restaurant - very different from other places around town. We had a nice dinner with the three of us, Mom, and our friends L. and M. The city is building a street that will go right through where the Little Q building is now. I'm sure the street will be nice, but I'll miss the restaurant.

Now we're watching the Patriots get creamed by the Baltimore Ravens, who got 2 touchdowns in the first five minutes of the game. In fact, the Ravens just intercepted the ball again for something like the tenth time. It's pretty embarrassing, actually. I guess the Super Bowl is not in our future this year.

It's cold, and we're staying in this weekend. I have dreams of warm weather, swimming, and the beach ...

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A Fuss said...

Hmmm, I was just thinking of the same thing! Natalie is coming to visit next weekend, and I keep thinking how much nicer it would be if it were summer!