Thursday, January 7, 2010

Waking up

So this is weird. Usually at this time in the morning, I'm rushing around, trying to get Annika and myself ready to leave the house for the day. But today, I'm waiting for Annika to wake up. See, she decided that 4:30 would be a good time to take her first bottle of the day. We really, really don't want to get into that routine. Jim started by changing her diaper and giving her a little drink of water. But that didn't help matters. Finally, he gave her half of a bottle (3 oz) and then pressed the "magic button" (the jungle sounds music thing on her crib that will calm Annika down, no matter how agitated she is). It worked - she fell asleep, we fell back asleep. It was all good ... until about 45 minutes later when Jim's alarm went off at 5:45.

These days, getting up feels like I just got hit by a bus.

So when I finally willed myself out of bed, showered, dressed, etc., Annika was still sound asleep! I had breakfast, filled up her bottles for the day ... still sound asleep. I just heard her now.

Wish I could sleep til 7:15. :(

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