Friday, November 13, 2009

Shopping trip

Today I was home with Annika for an extended day - Jim had a "guys' night out" in the form of a poker game with some work buddies after work. My days off are usually a little daunting anyway, particularly if I have nothing planned, because I don't always know what to do with the time. But today we went shopping! For baby clothes! And other things.

Prior to having a baby, I never would've guessed at how addicting shopping for baby clothes is. It's really hard to stop finding things that would look cute on Annika. In fact, everything in the store would look cute on her. :) A couple of weeks ago, I bought some clothes for her at Target, but they're too big for her. I thought it would be a good idea to buy a size larger so that she would get more wear out of the clothes. But when I'm rolling up her pants, and it looks like half the pant leg has been rolled up, it's time to just acknowledge that these clothes just do not fit yet.

(I also suspect that she has inherited the Kain short legs ... Laurie will know what I mean).

In addition to the clothes, I treated myself to a new book. I finally finished David McCullough's 1776, which was good but a little dense. My next book is Ted Kennedy's memoir, True Compass. I know that a few of my readers may gag when they hear the name Ted Kennedy, but I personally admire many of the things he did later on in his career, when he finally got his head on straight. I'm also interested in reading about his family. So I am in the middle of chapter one so far. Unfortunately, like many memoirs about famous people, it wasn't actually written by him. He had a ghost writer do the writing, based on his notes and interviews and things. This brings it down a peg in my eyes, but I think the book will still be worth reading. It's pretty good so far.

Other news from the week? Not much, except we started Annika on yogurt this week and she loves, loves it. And I tried squash again tonight, and she still hates, hates it. I think we're going to try green beans, mixed with brown rice, next.


ekain said...

Ah. You've got the short Kain legs, too? I have to shorten every pair of pants I buy by about 2 inches! Ugh...

Net Ghost said...

Yeah, both Laurie and I got the short legs, and maybe Annika too. :) I'm constantly getting pants tailored. I always have to factor that into the price of the pants. Ugh.