Saturday, November 14, 2009

7 months!

Happy birthday to Annika, who is a big 7 months today!

(Also, for those of you on Flickr, I just uploaded two new, very cute videos! Check it out - they're saved in the "Annie's Videos" set).

We went out to breakfast at the Early American, then went shopping for a convertible car seat. Good times.  I think we know which one we're going to get, but we're holding off at the moment, to wait for a sale, etc. If anyone has opinions about what to look for in a car seat, or what brand is good, please e-mail me. Our criteria include reasonable price, a harness that is not a complete pain in the butt to attach, a machine-washable cushion, a seat that will fit in our cars without completely taking over the back seat, and a seat that actually looks like something we would want to ride in for the 8 hour trip to Buffalo. The Evenflo Symphony seems to meet those criteria, but we're still open to ideas. It's an imposing decision - this seat will be in our car for maybe 4 years!

It is pouring rain here today - thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Ida. I think this afternoon we're going to stay in and cook Lebanese food. Jim has had a hankering for some m'judra, and I have a ton of parsley in my garden that I should use before it snows.

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