Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend thoughts

Some thoughts about the weekend:

1) Ferris Bueller's Day Off is still funny, even though it's now 25 years old. We were pretty sure it was going to be one of those movies that was really funny back in the day, but has now aged considerably and is just stupid. But no. It's actually still a really good movie. I'm glad we watched it.

2) Annie has a really funny book called "Yummy, Yucky," by Leslie Patricelli. It has pictures of things that are yummy and yucky. (ie: Soup is yummy. Soap is yucky). However, I think Annie should write her own book. Here's how it would go: Newspaper is Yummy!  Squash is yucky.  Random crumbs that I find on the floor are Yummy! Sweet potatoes are yucky.

3) Last weekend felt like summer. This weekend felt like winter. We went out to lunch today with a friend, and had to put Annie back in her full bear fleece winter suit for the walk in the stroller. But at least it was sunny. Tomorrow we're supposed to get up to 5 inches of rain. There are parts of Quincy that are going to be under water, I think. The flooding is really bad. And April, with its showers, hasn't even started yet.

4) For some reason, I've always loved photo booths. I remember taking photo-booth photos at Crystal Beach when I was in middle school with Laurie and some long-forgotten friends. Photo booths feel very old-fashioned, and always seem to capture a moment in a way that regular photos do not. Well, I found a photo booth at a mall on Friday.

So much fun.

5) This week, we are going to a play date in a pool! A Hilton in Dedham lets people use their pool for a small fee. So, instead of the Y this weekend, Annie and I are going there to go swimming with Annie's baby friends and my mom friends.

Good night!

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