Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Pat's

We had a busy St. Patty's day. And yes, Annika did wear green. However, I couldn't find my "Erin Go Braugh" t-shirt that my dad picked up for me years ago at the Salvation Army. I think I might've given it away! Always thought it was a little useless, since it was short-sleeved, and who ever wears short sleeves on March 17. Well, I did today. It was in the 60's here. Perhaps the best weather for March 17 that I ever remember.

We started out at our new "Water Babies" swim class. The timing of it, 9:30, is not ideal since it's nap time. But we threw caution to the wind today in the nap department. (Let's see if we pay for it tonight). We had a very nice swim class, learned some new songs, and started teaching Annika a little about water safety. When she jumps into the water (with help from Mommy), I am supposed to make sure that she turns around and grabs the wall. The swim instructor said that most kids who drown do so near the wall of the pool, after falling in. She said that the hope was that if the child knows to grab the wall, she's less likely to drown. I'm not sure I totally buy it, but I'm OK teaching Annika that.

After the swim class, we went to a play date in W. Roxbury. Luckily, Annie did not get pushed over again, like at the last play date! (The little girl who did that, twice, was not there today). Annie got to visit with her baby friends and we talked about the birthday party that we're putting together for all the kids, which is going to take place in a few weeks at a health club in Dedham.

After that, we rushed home because I was hoping I could get Annie to go down for a little nap so I could eat lunch, take a shower (was feeling icky after being in the chlorinated pool), and have a little down time. Annie did most of her sleeping in her car seat, as luck would have it. I did get about 30 minutes out of her in the crib.

This afternoon, I cooked mushroom stroganoff, and we hung out with the neighbors for a while. It was so warm out! Felt like the end of spring, rather than the beginning! All my crocuses are in bloom! I love them.

When Jim got home from work, we drove over to Houghs Neck to meet with a new day care provider. And after that, we went to DQ for some ice cream! :) (yes, even before we ate dinner). It was definitely a DQ day.

I'm now off to read a good-night story to Annika, and plan on filing the taxes tonight. An absolutely loaded day.

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