Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vroom, vroom

I never understood the allure of those ridiculous "stroller"-type things that you can rent in the mall when you forget your own stroller. The ones at the South Shore Plaza look like red racing cars. But seriously? Annie thought it was cool. She held onto the steering wheel the whole time, as if she was taking a Sunday drive.


It was probably the fact that it was something new, instead of that boring old stroller that Mommy and Daddy always put her in. The other thing I realized is that while previously I thought that no one in her right mind would actually rent these things, in truth, a lot of parents use them. I even saw one poor woman trying to push two of them around - one for each kid. I guess when you don't have kids and you're not paying attention, you don't realize just how many red cars are speeding around the mall!

And speaking of "something new," Annie will be taking her second ever plane trip this weekend ... we're in Buffalo for a whirlwind visit to attend a memorial service.

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