Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not quiet any more

Reasons why my Wednesday is no longer quiet:

1) I decided to go to bed early tonight to get some rest. As I was climbing into bed, I stepped in something wet. It was cat puke.
2) As I was going downstairs to get paper towels to clean it up, Annika woke up.
3) It's extremely unusual for Annika to wake up like this, at 9:15. Usually, once she's asleep for the night, not even a train would wake her up. She was sucking on her sleep sack and pulling at her ear and crying, sometimes inconsolably. An hour later, I think she's back asleep. I gave her some Tylenol. I think we might have a repeat performance later tonight. I'm pretty sure these are all teething symptoms.
 4) The downstairs smells like skunk. For a while, I was worried that a skunk got into the house. Then I opened the back door and realized that it smells like skunk even more strongly outside, which means the skunk sprayed outside. I'm not thrilled that he sprayed but I am thrilled that he is not in my house and did not spray Solomon again.

Now I'm going to bed.

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