Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, it is Sunday night after a pretty good weekend. I'm sorry to see the week start again, as it means more uncertainty on the job front.

Jim worked a lot on the cradle this weekend. It really is coming out well. The headboard, footboard, and bottom are all cut to size, and the sides are almost done. Now he's figuring out how to do a "box joint" to attach the four sides together. He also has to cut out the rockers and figure out how to attach them. And there are a bunch of other things to do too. But when he puts it all together, it is really starting to look like a cradle, instead of just a bunch of pieces of random wood.

I cooked a lot this weekend. I made "wild mushroom and seitan mushroom stroganoff" this morning. In the winter, I always have a taste for stroganoff, and I can no longer eat my mom's delicious recipe for beef stroganoff now that I'm a vegetarian. This recipe is quite good - I found it in a cookbook that we got for Christmas. But oddly, after I finished cooking it up (and it's more complicated than most things that I cook, which is not saying much), the smell of it was making me nauseous. And we found out that the friends that we were having over for dinner that night don't like mushrooms!

So on to dinner #2 - veggie chili, courtesy of a cookbook by Rachael Ray (also a Christmas present from the year before). This sat much better with my stomach and came out quite well. Then our friends brought over this delicious corn bread. You can't get better than that. So we had chili and cornbread for dinner, with raspberry/blueberry pie for dessert (made by Jim). A perfect winter meal.

And winter is still here. It rained all day, but now it has switched to snow. Ugh. Well, at least we're at the end of it. As my dad would always say, "we're heading in the right direction now."

Other things that we did this weekend included shopping for tools for Jim's cradle project, and shopping for a new mattress. It's hard to believe that our current mattress is almost 11 years old. Someday I'll have to write down the story of purchasing that mattress - quite funny. Anyway, it is now bowed in the middle. And I've been having a horrible time sleeping lately (probably not the mattress' fault, but still...). So we looked at some mattresses today. We need to look around some more first.

That's about it for the weekend! Time for another crazy week.

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