Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grand Canyon, Arizona

After flying into Las Vegas last night, we drove to the Grand Canyon today. We made a brief stop at the Hoover Dam and then drove through the desert to the town of William, and then on to the Grand Canyon. We're staying at El Tovar, a hotel built in 1905. It is very cozy and has a lodge atmosphere.

Here's the view we're had of the Grand Canyon so far:

Yeah. Not so much. It is actually snowing really hard here and the canyon is almost completely clouded in. The temperature is in the 20's. It's pretty disappointing. Actually, the Grand Canyon looks a lot like what we saw in Yellowstone. :(

We are hoping the weather improves tomorrow, but the Weather Channel says that they're supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow and 4-6 more inches tomorrow night. So probably not. And all the sights to see around here, like Monument Valley, Zion, etc. are also supposed to get snow all week.

So we are probably going to drive south and then to California tomorrow. I think we're going to try to see Death Valley and Joshua Tree instead. I need a break from the snow, and worse than the snow is the fact that everything is clouded in! So we can't see anything.

On the good side, though, we did get to see some amazing sights at the Hoover Dam. The rock formations/mountains there were amazing, as were the Colorado River and Lake Mead. We drove and walked across the dam. They are building a suspension bridge right next to it, presumably to divert traffic away from the dam.

Here are some photos from the dam:

It'll be a surprise where we blog from tomorrow night, I guess.

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